GetPaid Eyes Growth In Ecommerce…inks deal with Digicel, BPO

Following its acquisition by iCreate and a rebranding from its original name Mobile Edge Solutions, GetPaid is now looking to grow its business which involves providing e-commerce support solutions to businesses, most of which are micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Started in 2016 as Mobile Edge Solutions by founder and CEO Leighton Campbell, the company was rebranded after a 51 per cent interest was acquired by iCreate Limited earlier this year.

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Loop News: Turnaround strategy: iCreate takes majority stake in GetPaid

GetPaid’s business model is centred on serving the diverse needs of businesses that want to sell online and service customers. The company focuses on faster payment processes, reducing costs for merchants and cross-border transactions.

The details of iCreate’s latest acquisition have not been disclosed, but in a notice to shareholders on Wednesday, the company said the acquisition is a pivotal part of its turnaround strategy.

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Jamaica Stock Exchange: ICreate Limited (ICREATE) Has Acquired A Majority Stake In E-Commerce Company GetPaid Limited

iCreate Limited (ICREATE) has acquired a majority stake in e-commerce company, GetPaid Limited.

Tyrone Wilson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer commented: “iCreate has an aggressive M&A strategy as part of our Opportunity Ventures Division that was disclosed at our recently held Annual General Meeting (AGM) in January. We see GetPaid Limited as an opportunity to tap into new market potential while staying true to our vision, which is to aid in the development in the digital and creative economy.”

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Jamaica Gleaner: Web-service Firm Pivots To E-commerce

Another company has joined the growing list of firms seeking to cash in on the local electronic payment solutions business. Local tech firm Mobile Edge Solutions, MES, has launched what it is touting as a “robust and customisable” online platform, driven by a web application, which aimed at providing faster payouts to Jamaican-dollar bank accounts and encouraging the rapid digital transformation of traditional businesses via e-commerce.

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How companies can reduce credit card fraud

For some persons, a telephone call from their bank to conduct purchase verifications before authorizing charges gives them a sense of security while for others, it may be deemed as an annoyance especially when they miss the call. You may receive a telephone call from your bank if it notices unusual card activity, for example, an expensive purchase out of town. Applying purchase caps on your credit card may also hinder offenders from using your card to make exorbitant purchases.

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Easy ways to generate sales leads through your website

If you are a small business owner, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to think like a small business owner. Get into the habit of thinking big. It’s easy to fall into the habit of trying to find customers for products and/or services. You are encouraged to create products and services for your customers. As your business grows, your website should too. This does not mean that you should be adding more pages to your website but rather, looking for every opportunity to sell via your website.

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Debt Recovery: 5 Ways Automation can help

By integrating your payment collection with your website, this opens more convenient payment channels for your customers and better positions you with increased opportunities to collect payments anywhere and at anytime. This is very integral when considering your business’ ability to scale in order to compete globally. An e-commerce enabled website positions your company to do business with customers long after your business has closed its doors.

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Tips to get your sales team motivated – Part 2

Get down in the trenches with your team. Show them that you are just as capable of doing what they do on a daily basis and that you are willing to get your hands dirty. Be relatable as a manager and take the time to let them know that you care by extending an open door policy

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Tips to get your sales team motivated – Part 1

Trust is a powerful key to unlocking the maximum potential of any sales force. If your team can trust you, you are well on your way to building a sales powerhouse. Your sales team is looking to you to have their best interest at heart. They may even require you to give a listening ear to issues that are totally unrelated to the work environment, but these very issues could cripple their ability to realize their sales targets. Therefore, by nurturing an environment where confidentiality is maintained, this may transition you from being a mere boss to a revered leader. Your team will develop a sense of camaraderie and will put in the extra effort to make you look good.

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How automation helps to make your sales follow-up process easier

To get the best out of your e-commerce tools, proper data mining efforts should be enforced. A robust strategy to generate new leads will become the foundation on which your sales team thrives. Sales and marketing through e-commerce relies on your ability to effectively attract new customers and to encourage existing ones to make more purchases. The integration of your website and all digital and social media platforms related to your business is key. Acquiring basic information such as the customer’s name, contact number and email address should be mandatory upon the first contact made with each new lead. This contact does not have to occur through human interaction. Your website should have facilities through which each visitor can interact with your website by using call-to-action buttons to increase conversions and sales.

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Why your website should do more than tell who you are

By using your website to highlight the benefits of doing business with your company, this helps you to make a more impactful connection with customers. Some of the visitors who browse your website may be comparison shoppers who are looking for reasons why they should do business with you versus your competitors.

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How social media advertising can drive more traffic to your restaurant

If you’ve struggled with getting more foot traffic to your restaurant you may not be taking advantage of all the options available to you. One of those options is social media advertising. Don’t be discouraged if you have started using social media but have not seen any significant improvement in engagement or reach. It just means you have to use a little bit of money to get an even greater impact.

Here’s what can happen after using social media advertising to drive more traffic to your restaurant.

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How to Increase Restaurant Sales with Online Ordering

What would you like to order today? How many times have you or your employees asked that question over the phone? What if you didn’t personally need to ask that question and just have it work for you nonetheless? Today, I want to address one of the little known (or used) ways to increase restaurant sales – online ordering.

This is a strategy that works well in other business types and can work even better at increasing sales in your restaurant. It is fairly easy to implement, manage, and leverage for increased sales. And with full support in your corner, you can easily set your restaurant apart from the rest.

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Text Messaging for Restaurants. How SMS Can Benefit your Restaurant Marketing and Sales

Are you a restaurant owner? Are you wondering how to engage customers when your social media reach has dropped due to algorithm changes? Keeping your restaurant (or any business for that matter) at the forefront is always a challenge. But, you can find a solution that does this and more.

In today’s blog post, we talk about one of the easiest methods to get your business in front of buying clients.

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How to create a second income stream without working 24/7/365

Want me to let you in on a secret? Working a side job or even trying to get a second income stream is hard. That’s not the secret. The secret is that there are ways to do this without overworking yourself.

I’ve been there and successfully done it many times over. Let’s take a look at how you can too in this post.

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5 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Maybe For You

Want to start earning passive income online? We all dream of earning passive income, right? Just relax and watch the money start flowing in? While earning passive income isn’t as easy as they make it out to be, you can get started today.

Let’s look at one of the easiest ways to start earning passive income and see whether you have what it takes to make money online.

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Drop-shipping: how to start a business with little to no start-up capital

What if you could start a business online today with no start-up capital? Yes, that’s right. You can start an online business with little to no capital. If you are looking for a new business idea or to add some additional income, then this post is for you.

It’s simple to start, easy to understand, and you can begin with little to no capital.

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Top 5 ways for Jamaicans to make money online

Having a job isn’t always scalable. There are only so many ways that you can increase your earnings when you are employed. So, sometimes, you just need to make extra income or find a new way to make a living. If you do this well enough, it could become your own business and lead to you becoming an employer yourself. This is extremely possible, especially if you take into account the power of the internet.

With this in mind, here are 5 ways that as Jamaicans, we can earn online – and scale our businesses to increase our revenues.

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The chicken or the egg: What comes first when selling online

As a new small business owner or a manager, it is your duty to ensure that your company can succeed online and has all the tools, resources and knowledge to do so. But, what’s the process? How do you prevent an egg-chicken dilemma and make that business you are managing profitable?

For me, the answer is in the process and tools at your disposal.

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5 ways managers can leverage the internet to increase sales

As business managers, one of the things we focus on is how to increase sales. We review past successes and try to replicate them. We strategize, consider best practices, etc. But, some of the simple and easy to implement steps can be overlooked, because they seem, well, simple. With these tips, it doesn’t matter if you operate an e-commerce business, deliver a service, or operate a brick-and-mortar company. You can still use them to leverage the internet for increased profits.

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Learn Why Jamaican Businesses Should Be Selling Online & 3 Simple Steps To Boost Sales By 200% Or More

What do companies such as Amazon, National Commercial Bank, Fontana Pharmacy, and Brawta Living all have in common? They have a well-planned and strategic online presence. And that presence is geared at capitalizing on the e-commerce market for selling their products and services.

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