A sales lead is a potential customer. Persons who take the time to visit your website are all potential leads and should be treated as such. Whether you’re selling goods or services, your website should be structured in such a way that it becomes a lead generating machine. If you are a small business owner, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to think like a small business owner. Get into the habit of thinking big. It’s easy to fall into the habit of trying to find customers for products and/or services. You are encouraged to create products and services for your customers. As your business grows, your website should too. This does not mean that you should be adding more pages to your website but rather, looking for every opportunity to sell via your website. There are many avenues to get your website in top form and there is no secret formula to doing this. Let’s examine a few ways that you can get started.

The header of your website’s homepage should include your company’s address and contact number. You want to make it easy for your customers to reach you by providing all the necessary information that is needed to start the sales process. There will be customers who may require you to contact them. Be sure to include forms on all pages, that way you can increase your chances of receiving viable sales leads. Your forms should be simple and easy to fill out.

Google has managed to establish itself as the trusted authority and resource centre for implementing successful digital marketing campaigns. By making the process of campaign creation so easy, almost anyone can set up a campaign. All you need is a credit card, a clear idea of your daily budget and target area(s) and the ability to establish an appropriate conversion tracking mechanism for each marketing campaign. To ensure that you receive maximum return on your investment, your website or landing page should be sending the same message as your Google campaign. The content on the landing page should be attractive, concise, relevant and easy to navigate.

Digital campaigns can also take the form of social media marketing. Again, your landing page should be relevant. It is important to capture important information about your potential sales leads through digital forms. An effective landing must include a data collection form for the purpose of sales follow-ups. For instances when you are not running a digital marketing campaign, try to identify which page on your website enjoys the highest traffic/visits. By conducting frequent analyses of your website via Google analytics, this is integral in taking your website from an information sharing tool to a sales engine.

Woo your customers by offering free and beneficial content through eBooks, brochures and newsletters. Sure, not every visitor to your website has the time to read, but there will be those individuals who value free content, especially if the information being offered is useful and helpful. They will willingly share their contact information in exchange for your help. For those who may be uninterested in free downloads, try to engage them one last time through exit pop-up offers. A great way to entice potential customers is through discounts or membership deals that they simply cannot refuse.

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