If your sales team is content, then it is highly likely that your business is reaping the rewards of profitability. It may also be safe to assume that your sales team is probably going beyond the call of duty at times in order to meet those targets. But what do you do if you are experiencing the exact opposite? Your sales team is missing targets, they are demotivated and you can tell that they cannot wait to clock out at the end of the work day. Now that’s a recipe for disaster for any sales manager. A good sales manager knows how to boost team morale and to exercise appropriate motivational techniques when the going gets tough. Let’s look at five (5) ways that you can keep your team spirit high.

Realistic sales goals

Unhappy salespersons will tell you that often times the reason for their job dissatisfaction is having to deal with unrealistic targets set by their sales managers. By taking a collaborative approach to setting targets, this exchange of feedback will help you gain insight on how far you can push your team out of their comfort zone. Your team will also leave the sales meeting feeling as though their leader(s) value their input and want to see them win. Setting realistic targets and assigning measurable KPIs will help the entire team to meet and exceed targets.

Create an environment of trust

Trust is a powerful key to unlocking the maximum potential of any sales force. If your team can trust you, you are well on your way to building a sales powerhouse. Your sales team is looking to you to have their best interest at heart. They may even require you to give a listening ear to issues that are totally unrelated to the work environment, but these very issues could cripple their ability to realize their sales targets. Therefore, by nurturing an environment where confidentiality is maintained, this may transition you from being a mere boss to a revered leader. Your team will develop a sense of camaraderie and will put in the extra effort to make you look good.

All about the Benjamins

Incentives such as money, gifts and prizes are great ways to keep your sales team motivated. A salesperson may be on the brink of burnout but will keep pushing because he/she knows that when targets are met, the reward is sweet. And let’s call a spade a spade. Money is a substantial element to keeping your team focused on the prize. In addition to monetary compensation, you can further increase their focus by inviting them to choose their rewards. Make their gifts and prizes worth their while. Salespersons will work twice as hard if they know that at the end of the day, they will be gifted with something that is valuable and that they care to receive.

A piece of the pie

A benefit to inviting your team to purchase company equity is that your employees will feel as though they have an incentive to remain loyal because they want to see their shares in the company grow. Secondly, a piece of the pie undoubtedly influences all parties to act more like owners of the company who now have something to lose if they do not invest enough hours and energy into making the business a success.

Public recognition

Now who doesn’t love to hear thank you? A genuine and heart-felt thank you to acknowledge top performing salespersons as well as those who have made strides to improve their game in different ways is a very cost-effective way to motivating your team. Be sure to also demonstrate that you appreciate small feats by also celebrating those moments