Imagine if we could automate all our day to day activities without lifting a finger. Our ultimate reward would be relief from very task-oriented and labour-intensive functions. We would have more time to dedicate to improving business processes. Instead of spending long hours at the office, there would be more time devoted to family and other meaningful activities.

Automation involves the use of technology with little to no human input. Technology has advanced in such a way, where even the smallest of companies are now seeking to incorporate artificial intelligence into their customer relationship management systems (CRMs), customer service solutions, managing marketing budgets and so much more.

CRM Solutions

The sales force of every company is burdened with the expectation of maintaining and surpassing sales targets. In order to achieve this heavy feat, the use of automation is welcomed. Maintaining good customer relationships can become quite tedious. Sales departments often rely on their customer service and marketing teams to follow up with their clients to boost customer retention.

An efficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can enhance the harmony among all stakeholders. As clients move through the sales funnel, at every step, there is assigned personnel to track the progress of each sale to prevent customer churn. CRMs have built in artificial intelligence (AI) which is useful for setting reminders, generating invoices, implementing upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Ecommerce, email marketing and live chats

To get the best out of your e-commerce tools, proper data mining efforts should be enforced. A robust strategy to generate new leads will become the foundation on which your sales team thrives. Sales and marketing through e-commerce relies on your ability to effectively attract new customers and to encourage existing ones to make more purchases. The integration of your website and all digital and social media platforms related to your business is key.

Acquiring basic information such as the customer’s name, contact number and email address should be mandatory upon the first contact made with each new lead. This contact does not have to occur through human interaction. Your website should have facilities through which each visitor can interact with your website by using call-to-action buttons to increase conversions and sales.  This use of email remarketing is a powerful vehicle through which companies can continue the follow up process long after that initial contact. A fully functioning e-commerce website can also assist with creating a retargeting strategy.

Live-chats through your website are also a great way to follow up with your sales leads. Automated live-chats help you and also your current and potential customers, by saving them time and money. By simply enabling this plug-in feature on your website, information can be shared in a timely manner and customers who want to bypass the brick and mortar experience can do business with you from the comfort of their own personal spaces anywhere and at any time.

SMS Services

Never underestimate the effect of SMS and how text messages can stimulate your company’s earning potential. You now have unlimited access to your customers via their mobile phones. After collecting clean data through your CRM, you can now disseminate reminders on payments and increase your follow up with bad-debt customers. SMS is a great way to reach thousands of persons simultaneously through a single text blast. Outside of sending birthday and anniversary greetings, customers can be informed about upcoming sales events and texts can be made to be interactive to generate new leads.

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