Published:Sunday | January 3, 2021 | 12:08 AMNeville Graham – Business Reporter

Another company has joined the growing list of firms seeking to cash in on the local electronic payment solutions business. Local tech firm Mobile Edge Solutions, MES, has launched what it is touting as a “robust and customisable” online platform, driven by a web application, which aimed at providing faster payouts to Jamaican-dollar bank accounts and encouraging the rapid digital transformation of traditional businesses via e-commerce.

The app is said to be powered by American fintech company Stripe and is said to be part of MES’ revised e-commerce offerings in response to new customer demands resulting from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The platform allows business owners to settle payments in a Jamaican-dollar account within a maximum of 72 hours as they conduct sales and collect payments online. This is comparable to the settlement of payments via popular rival global payments service PayPal.

Leighton Campbell, MES’ chief executive officer, told the Financial Gleaner that the new service comes from a pivot by the technology firm to focusing on the things that business owners need at this time.

“The pandemic has hit the pockets of most companies, and as such, they need to spend less to get online, and they need to get online faster. In response to that, we’ve had to strip down our website offerings to a more basic version of our e-commerce systems, and that gave birth to what we call ‘get paid’ apps, which offers numerous e-commerce solutions,” according to the company’s CEO.

Campbell says that the solution has been priced at between US$100 and US$950, depending on features to be included. Those features can include customisable websites and apps that are ready to go live within two weeks and accept payments for online bookings, products from e-stores, online classes, food orders, charity donations, and general payment collections. The system functions as an online sales engine that runs continuously. It also manages inventory, invoices, and reports.

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“Popular e-commerce platforms on the market now that allow you to get started quickly, such as Shopify, are very templated. If you set up your business there and you want to scale immensely later on, you will have a lot of limitations with how you are able to do that. We are able to offer you a system that allows you to get started with the minimum that you need but with no ceiling on what you can achieve,” Campbell said.

Kingston-based MES, also has an office in Miami, Florida. The software development firm has been providing technology services, including software development and user training; website hosting; technology support and maintenance; in-app video advertising; voice, text, email, and live chat communication; and marketing automation.

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