April 19, 2022 5:00 pm

iCreate Limited (ICREATE) has acquired a majority stake in e-commerce company, GetPaid Limited.The details of the acquisition have not been disclosed, but is touted as a pivotal part of the company’s turnaround strategy.

Tyrone Wilson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer commented: “iCreate has an aggressive M&A strategy as part of our Opportunity Ventures Division that was disclosed at our recently held Annual General Meeting (AGM) in January. We see GetPaid Limited as an opportunity to tap into new market potential while staying true to our vision, which is to aid in the development in the digital and creative economy.”

Leighton Campbell, President & CEO of GetPaid added: “We have been working with Tyrone in the capacity of Chairman of our company for the last few years. His understanding and appreciation for the services offered by GetPaid is one that gave us good comfort. We are enabling the expansion of the digital payments and digital communication space and being a part of the iCreate team enables us to achieve this vision at a much faster pace. ”

The GetPaid Limited Board consists of Tyrone Wilson as Chairman, former Digicel Group Executive Neil Patrick and Canadian Based Entrepreneur Raam Saranathan.

iCreate CEO went on to add that the company is off to a good start. “We are comfortable with the integration as part of iCreate so far and are very pleased with the outlook and synergies between iCreate and GetPaid Limited”.

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