Let’s face it. One of the biggest obstacles to doing business online in Jamaica is getting paid.

We have great business ideas but the lack of an effortless system to ensure positive cash flow makes it difficult to start and sustain those business ideas.

Selling online therefore can pose a challenge when it comes to getting paid. And while there are many options for making money online, there are fewer – affordable and business-friendly – options for getting paid in Jamaica.

Lack of easily accessible payment methods in Jamaica, high wire transfer fees, and concerns for online safety are just some of the issues we face as business owners.

But this doesn’t have to be your reality…

You can break the cycle and start getting paid directly to your Jamaican bank account from both local and overseas customers.

Let’s talk about how.

The tools of the trade – Selling online

When we talk of tools of the trade we are looking at the best options for doing business and getting paid easily. These include a reliable website and a secure payment portal(s).


  • Website


By selling online we aren’t only taking about setting up a Facebook business page and offering items for sale. We are also talking about setting up a website that you own and can design as you like to suit your business. This increases your brand recognition and how well received your services or products will be.


  • Payment portal


Online buyers are increasingly concerned about internet safety especially for financial transactions. Therefore, you need to offer payment options with reputable solutions that provide some level of comfort for buyers. Some of these portals are PayPal and Stripe.

So, using these systems, it will be easier to get persons to whip out their credit cards to pay you. But, for you, based here in Jamaica, it can be a veritable obstacle course to get your payment to you. And here is where the solution for how to sell online and get paid in Jamaica comes in.

Getting funds in your local bank account

No matter what you sell – or plan to sell – online, this solution to get paid will work for you.

Jamaicans have embraced the culture of buying online and paying with their credit or visa debit cards. You need to tap into that market whether it’s a physical product or a service.

And if your clients are overseas, this makes it even easier for you to transact business and make the payment process not only seamless for them but also for you. And that is the important part – that the process is also easy for you.

Take using PayPal for example. It is easy for the customers to use and pay. But for you here in Jamaica, this is not a simple process for getting paid. PayPal currently does not facilitate linking to local bank accounts. You therefore have to request a cheque which takes days to prepare and months to clear locally.

But, you can still work with international payment providers such as PayPal, accept credit card payments online, and easily receive the funds in your Jamaican bank account including credit union accounts. But only if you sign up through Mobile Edge Solutions.

If you are in business, you want to scale, and would like to make accepting credit card payments and accessing your money easier, then schedule a consultation or download this information booklet on getting paid online. The booklet also outlines the simple 4-step process from customer payment to your Jamaican bank account.

Even local customers may prefer to use PayPal or credit cards for payment. So, make it easier for them to pay you. And improve your access to your money for better business cash flow. And if you’re a business manager, let’s discuss our enterprise solutions for larger businesses.

Are you ready to scale your business? Let’s talk.

About Leighton |Leighton is adept at helping Jamaican companies leverage the power of the internet to expand business growth. To this end, he has successfully applied tools and solutions in small and large companies to scale and grow their revenues year over year. With his years of experience in the industry, Leighton’s work also empowers entrepreneurs and small business owners to take control of their finances using online sales channels as a viable income stream.