GetPAID Payment Services Terms and Conditions

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How It Works

We are helping Jamaican companies to collect payments online and have funds sent to their local bank accounts.

  1. Clients are issued an online portal that allows them to process payments and see their transactions.
  2. Customers pay for goods or services with their credit card.
  3. Payment processor completes the transaction and holds the funds for clearance for 2-3 business days.
  4. After funds are cleared, monies will be transferred directly to our holding account, after which payments will be cashed out weekly. Our cashout fee is US$2 + 3% of funds received.
  5. The client must maintain a chargeback rate of less than 0.7%. If chargebacks exceed 0.7%, the account will be flagged for suspension.
    • A chargeback is a customer filing a complaint against their bank that they were incorrectly charged. Bank files against master card/visa etc which is then handled by NCB. Whether the refund is done with or without a dispute, NCB charges for the chargeback. 
    • The client must adhere to NCB’s policies. If in breach the account will be terminated. - GetPAID NCB Merchant Agreement 
  6. Please pay special attention to prohibited business practices on page 15 of this document GetPAID NCB Merchant Agreement

Getting Started

To get setup, the following process will be required.

  1. Sign up with the following information.
    • Contact name, number, email, address, photo ID, business name, bank account info (bank, account name, account #, branch, account type, account currency) admin email, payment descriptor (the name that shows up on credit card statement)
  2. Once approved, the account will be created and access credentials provided to the client.
  3. If website integration is required setup is completed 72 hrs after receiving complete application process
  4. Clients can start collecting payments.

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